Platform Updates | March

Platform Updates | March

Do you want to know what are the latest updates from platforms to improve the results of your ads? Here we share the most recent changes that Meta and TikTok are implementing in their functionalities and everything it entails for users and advertisers. 

What's New in TikTok 

New Carousel Ads: 

TikTok is changing carousel ads from autoplay to manual swiping. Now it is the user who must perform the action, and they will no longer rotate automatically, this way it promotes greater interaction with the platform. 

Carousel Ads and Spark Ads: 

Now the platform gives you the opportunity to activate Sparks Ads with carousel ads, making TikTok's advertising feel more organic. 

Updates on Meta 

Daily budget update 

The daily budget for campaigns becomes more flexible. The platform can spend an additional 75% of the daily budget when it finds the opportunity to achieve better results, likewise, this will be reflected on other days where no more than 7 times the amount of the daily budget will be spent. 

If the campaign lasts less than 7 days, the total spend will not exceed the daily budget, multiplied by the campaign duration in days. 

Audience controls for campaigns 

The new audience controls are launched to allow setting controls for location and minimum age, even if brands are using an automated solution like Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns or Advantage+ App Campaigns. 

With this update, Meta is trying to make the implementation process more efficient and provide greater peace of mind to the advertiser, plus, it will no longer be necessary to set controls for each individual campaign, now it can be done just one time. 

The changes that platforms generate month by month focus on optimizing the results of campaigns and, at the same time make it easier for brands. This month, TikTok focused on carousel ads, making the consumer generate actions on their own according to their interests. On the other hand, Meta has worked on its daily budget with the main purpose of taking advantage at every opportunity it finds to get better results in the KPIs. Put these updates to the test in your strategy and take your brands to the next level!