Platform Updates | February

Platform Updates | February

The updates in platform functionalities optimize campaign outcomes, and with the right strategy, they can benefit brands. In this article, you will discover the reasons behind the adjustments in budget distribution, the integration of different formats, and the actions taken regarding content produced by artificial intelligence. 

What has changed on TikTok? 

Automatic budget allocation: 

The new Budget Manager feature gives you the option to set budget as unlimited, monthly, daily, or within a custom range. 

With the new options presented, this update provides much more control over ad account spend. 

Your campaign will no longer be suspended due to a lack of budget, and the advertiser's workload from manually allocating balance will be much easier. 

Comment insights: 

You will have the option to organize comments on ads for a more detailed analysis. 

SKU report for VSA: 

This report gives you the opportunity to get to know which products have better performance by analyzing and identifying them through their sales. 

Product card and tile redesign: 

The platform focuses on increasing interaction and conversion opportunities through product display, native format, and multi-product format. 

Product display: The ability to scroll and click increases interaction. 

Native format: Your ad gets integrated into the "For you" page. 

Multi-products: Increases conversions by advertising several products at once. 

Latest updates on YouTube 

Multi-product marketing goal: 

It is now possible to use content created by creators and sponsored by brands in new ads, making them feel more organic. 

Video reach campaign: 

In Stream, In Feed, and Shorts formats are combined to generate greater reach while allowing advertisers to save implementation time. 

Updates on Meta 

AI-generated organic content: 

Organic media generated by artificial intelligence will be automatically tagged by Meta, or it will be revealed in audio and video. 

With these updates, the platforms show us that they are working to improve the experience of advertisers and the general public. The automation of budget options, the organization of comments, and reports are focused on optimizing work. Other updates, such as the redesign of cards and improvements in video reach, are specifically designed for brands. Consider these updates in your strategy and aim for superior results in your campaigns.