Beyond the shopping cart: Tactics to improve your online sales.

Beyond the shopping cart: Tactics to improve your online sales.

The universe of e-commerce is saturated, which means that sales strategies cannot remain static. As part of the digital marketing world, you must innovate and reflect deeper into some recommendations that can help you transform your strategies and boost your online sales.

1) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Enhance the user experience

While SEO focuses on attracting traffic, CRO focuses on maximizing the value of that traffic. This translates into improving the user experience in your online store.

Tools and tactics: Use tools like Hotjar and Crazy Egg, to visualize deep insights through heatmaps that let you know where users spend more time, where they click, and session recordings that show the exact path a user takes. This data allows you to make strategic adjustments, improving friction areas.

2) Marketing automation and advanced segmentation: Personalize to the max

A potential customer who has just discovered your brand has different needs than one who has purchased several times. Treat them differently.

  • Tools and tactics: Use advanced CRM platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, or Klaviyo to segment your customers based on behaviors and interests. With them, you can establish automatic email flows that provide each segment with specific content and personalized offers.

3) Programmatic advertising and smart retargeting: The art of reconnection

 It has become more usual that ads are bought and displayed in real time based on user behavior. Retargeting is key to reconnecting with those who did not convert the first time.

  • Tools and tactics: Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager are leaders in offering advanced retargeting capabilities. These advertising platforms allow you to do retargeting based on behavior on your site, like visits to specific pages or products abandoned in the cart.

4) Social selling and brand ambassadors: The power of people talking about brands

 Social networks are authentic sale and recommendation sources. In this space, authenticity is key.

  • Tools and tactics: Hootsuite or Later offer you the ability to manage, schedule, and analyze your actions on social networks. Research and partner with influencers who have an audience that matches your target audience. You should not just focus on increasing your followers, look for authentic engagement. Also, consider loyalty programs or ambassadors so that your own customers become advocates for your brand.

Creating a successful online sales ecosystem goes beyond simply having an attractive virtual store. It's about understanding and responding to the changing relationship between your brand and your customers. By adopting a combination of traditional and modern strategies, and staying focused on the customer, you can not only boost sales but also create lasting relationships and loyalty to your brand. What will be your next step in the world of digital marketing?